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Jesse Rhodes

Speaker, Personal Coach and Manager

Established in 1975, Jesse leverages his authentic style as a keynote speaker, panelist, moderator, personal career coach, mentor and manager. He does this by sharing personal testimonies and work experience that provide an innate way of seeing opportunities where other do not; driving results and helping your financial bottom-line, inspiring you beyond what you or your team see is achievable.

Jesse provides guidance on an array of personal development topics, from managing personal brands and critical career and financial decisions, to disrupting unconscious bias and embracing diversity in the workplace. His presentations empower leaders and their teams to take actions instantly, directly impacting and inspiring those around them.

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My goal is to energize your possibilities to achieve your full potential and break down perceived barriers that blinds you from your own success.

We are not alone in this journey, let’s connect and explore new possibilities together!


Jesse works as a business manager and catalog of artists producing live event experiences that support local artists and non profit organizations.


Connect and engage with others. See their core values and bring to light any potential barriers that are preventing growth.


Jesse provides advice around career and life decisions based on shared and learned experience.

My Passion is art and Music

“The power of vision, drives me forward (in everything I do)”

Jesse is passionate about transformative healing through a variety of media forms, and supports artists who share this passion.

PFM Group Consulting LLC • Drexel University • Western Washington University • Highline College, Black & Brown Male Summit • Univ. of Washington, Young Executives of Color • We.App., Speak With Purpose (SWP) • Columbia Tower Club, Clubcorp • National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. • • The Institute of Internal Auditors • After-School All-Star, Puget Sound

Upscale Your Event.

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