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Stephanie Ann Ball

Author, Singer, Concert Curator, High-Performance Specialist

Stephanie Ann Ball, High-Performance Specialist

With over a decade of experience performing, leading workshops, and delivering presentations, Stephanie is no stranger to the stage. Her speaking style showcases an irresistible blend of passion, joy, warmth, and knowledge that leaves her audience members captivated and wanting more.

No matter the length of her talk, she gives attendees the tools they need to get clear on their vision, and the confidence to take actionable steps toward performing at their highest level. Whether you want to learn how to use creativity to boost your productivity, how to create a plan of action that leads you right towards your goal with ease, how to harness the power of your voice, or something designed specifically for your group, Stephanie can deliver with precision and panache.

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Lyric Coloratura Soprano.
Concert Artist and Curator.
Transformational Teacher.
Inspirational Speaker.
High-Performance Specialist.
Sound Healer.

These are just some of the many titles held by Stephanie Ann Ball.

A woman of unique talents, Stephanie has quickly become one of the most sought-after high-performance consultants in the nation.

Stephanie Ann Ball, speaking to an audience in an industrial venue.


Stephanie's areas of expertise include productivity, collaboration, organization, communication, and many other facets of how to bring personal high-performance into the corporate sphere.

Stephanie Ann Ball, Soprano, in a floor-length sparkly gown performing in front of a grand piano.


A professional opera singer and concert curator for over a decade, Stephanie loves to incorporate elements of music into her role as a leading high-performance specialist for teams and individuals worldwide.

Stephanie Ann Ball, High-Performance Specialist


Though a gifted speaker & performer by nature, Stephanie's passion lies in helping people grow through 1:1 and small-group coaching, online courses, and working with growth-oriented leaders in every field.


bringing her celebrated, empowering performances to exclusive events in every industry.

Columbia Tower Club, ClubCorp • Art Song Colorado • Philadelphia Works • Build Your Empire • This Is It TV • Successfully Screwed • Work the System • Temple University • Philadelphia Womens’ Network Connection • Project 440 • University of Michigan • Texas Christian University • Diva Girl

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